FAQS1. What games can you play with friends online?We have new multiplayer-friendly online games launching daiy on funpass.gg ike Mu Origin 3, World of Tanks Blitz,League of Angels: Chaos, and manymore. You can play games with friends and make enduring memories, from cooperative adventures to competitive challenges.2. Do you need to upload or download online games?No, you don't need to download or upload anything to play our selection of onine games. Visit funpass.gg, select your game, and begin playing immediately.3. Where can l play free games online without downloading them?online games with no downloads required. Begin your exploration of games on our homepage, or choose agame from one of these well-liked categories: Action ;Sport ;SLG;Moba ;4. How to submit the game I am interested in to the manager?First, look for your own target game in the search box. If you don't find it, please click the feedback button in the search results box.