User Service Agreement


You are welcome to use the services provided by FunPass ("FunPass"). The FunPass User Services Agreement is an agreement between users and FunPass on products or services provided by FunPass (including products and services now being provided and may thereafter be provided to the user). Before registering and logging in to use the products or services provided by FunPass, please carefully read the whole contents of this Agreement (minors under the age of 18 should be accompanied by their legal guardian), including the terms of exemption or restriction of FunPass liability, and choose to accept or not accept this Agreement. If a user logs in to use the products or services provided by FunPass, the user shall be deemed to have read this Agreement in detail and agrees to comply with this Agreement. Users shall no longer refuse to abide by this Agreement on the grounds of unknowledge of the contents of this Agreement. In addition, FunPass has the right to modify and update this Agreement from time to time. Please pay attention to the latest version of this Agreement.


1. service content

1. The specific content of FunPass products and services is provided by FunPass according to the actual situation, such as games, forums, email, etc. FunPass Reserves the right to change, interrupt, or terminate some or all of the products and services at any time.

2.FunPass Access the Internet to provide users through the server-side devices. In addition, the devices related to the products or services (such as mobile phones and other devices related to Internet access) and the required expenses (such as telephone charges and Internet access fees paid for Internet access) shall be borne by the users themselves.

3. Users shall use the legitimate software to accept the products and services, and the software fees shall be borne by the users themselves.


2. Account number name and password

1. Users read and agree to this Agreement and successfully complete the registration, they become registered users of FunPass. The name of FunPass account cannot be changed after registration, and the password corresponding to the account can be modified through the customer service provided by FunPass.

2. The user is fully responsible for the custody of the FunPass account and password and for all acts of the use of the account and password. It is forbidden to sell, transfer, lend or share FunPass accounts or passwords to others. If the user's FunPass account or password is illegally used by others due to the negligence of the user or any third party behavior, and the damage is caused to the user, FunPass or the third party, the user shall be fully responsible.

3. If a user finds that his FunPass account or password is illegally used by others or abnormal, he / she shall timely notify FunPass according to the processing method published by FunPass from time to time, and have the right to provide the personal valid identity information request related to the account registration FunPass to take measures to suspend the login and use of the account. FunPass According to the results of the user identity verification, decide whether to suspend the login and use of the user account.

4. If the user actively cancels the account, FunPass will not continue to retain the registration information of the user. After deleting the account, FunPass will be unable and have no obligation to restore the registration information of the account for the user. After the user cancels the account, the product or service will be terminated. FunPass Delete the user's personal information, user transaction records and account records according to the requirements of applicable laws, and automatically retain them for no less than 180 days from the date of occurrence.


3. Account number registration information

1. Provide the registration information

(1) When applying for the FunPass account (or when supplementing or updating the account information), users shall provide the FunPass with the latest, detailed, true and accurate personal registration information. The aforementioned personal registration information includes all information entered by the user's FunPass account name, password and the registered FunPass account (or when supplementing or updating the account information). The user hereby promises that the user registers as a FunPass user with his real identity, and guarantees that the personal identity information provided is true, complete and effective, and assumes the corresponding legal responsibility for the information provided according to the legal provisions and necessary terms. Due to the inevitable limitations of technology and the external influence of the system operation, FunPass does not guarantee that there are not any loopholes in each system, nor does it guarantee that the monitoring or authentication effect is completely correct and true or to meet the needs of users. FunPass No liability for not providing any express or implied guarantee other than the express provisions of applicable law.

(2) All personal registration information provided by the user may be used by the FunPass as the basis for the relevance of the account and the identification of the user. The user agrees to provide proof of such information at any time at the request of the FunPass for the FunPass can verify the identity of the user.

(3) If the information provided by the user to FunPass is inaccurate, untrue, illegal or valid, or has been changed but not updated in time, or is any misleading, FunPass has the right to suspend or terminate any services of the user using FunPass. FunPass Have the right to examine whether the identity information provided by user registration is true and effective, and shall actively take reasonable measures such as technology and management to ensure the security and effectiveness of user accounts; Users have the obligation to properly keep their account number and password, and use their account number and password correctly and safely. If either party fails to fulfill the above obligations and causes the loss of the account password or the theft of the other party or others, it shall bear the legal liabilities arising therefrom.

2. Modify the registration information

 The user may update or modify the information provided by the user when applying for registration at any time through the services provided on the official website of FunPass or through other means published by FunPass available at that time. However, the real name, id number, and the FunPass account name filled by the FunPass account (or after the supplementary information after registration) cannot be modified after the successful registration (or the supplementary information), so please fill in all kinds of registration information carefully.

3. The user agrees that all data, data and records related to the FunPass account (including but not limited to login records, post-login behavior records, etc.) shall be subject to the data recorded by the FunPass system.

4. Account cancellation process

4.1. If you need to cancel your account, the following conditions should be met:

(1) There are no unused rights and interests in the account. If you have unused rights and interests, the cancellation application will be deemed to have voluntarily abandoned the corresponding rights and interests;

(2) All the data and information that you have the right to under the FunPass account have been moved out and properly backed up, or you have completely waived the right to retain and retrieve such data;

(3) The account does not have other obligations that should be performed in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations but have not been performed;

(4) After you have successfully submitted your account cancellation application to us, the account will be cancelled immediately (unless otherwise agreed herein)


4.2 Consequences of account cancellation

You know and agree that the account will include but not limited to the following consequences upon completion of the account cancellation process:

(1) You will not be able to rely on the account for any permission operation;

(2) The original account you have will be recovered by FunPass, and you have no right to use the original FunPass account. You will not be able to log in to FunPass website with this account, use FunPass any service that requires an account to log in;

(3) You will not be able to retrieve all the information and data that you have stored and used under the account, except the relevant information or data that FunPass should retain in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

(4) Other consequences that may cause damage to your rights and interests or cause losses to you.



4. Information disclosure and protection

1. The registration information described in Article 3 of this Agreement, as well as the non-public information (hereinafter referred to as the "User Information") using the products and services, shall be disclosed and protected in accordance with this Treaty.

2. In order to provide better products and services to users, FunPass may collect user information and may analyze and integrate the information if users voluntarily choose to use FunPass products and services, and explicitly agree to provide information. When users use FunPass's products and services, the server may automatically record some user information, which will become part of FunPass's trade secrets.

3. Protecting the privacy of users (especially minors) is a basic principle of FunPass. FunPass Always and actively take reasonable measures in technology and management to ensure the security and confidentiality of user information.

4. Except for the six items listed in Article 4 of this Agreement, FunPass guarantees not to disclose or provide user information to third parties. The six exclusions are as follows:

(1) The user (or the guardian of the user) requests or agrees to the FunPass to disclose the user information;

(2) Relevant laws and regulations, rules of regulators or rules of self-regulatory organizations require FunPass to disclose user information;

(3) judicial or administrative organs require FunPass to disclose user information based on legal procedures;

(4) In order to protect FunPass's intellectual property rights and other rights and interests, user information needs to be disclosed;

(5) In order to protect the interests of other users and the public in an emergency, user information needs to be disclosed;

(6) Other information which FunPass deems to be necessary in accordance with other provisions of this Agreement.

5. In order to provide products and services to the user normally, FunPass may need to FunPass technology service providers, FunPass affiliates or other third party transmission part of the user information, in the third party promises it will assume at least the same confidentiality obligations as FunPass, FunPass will transmit user information to the third party, users to understand and agree.

6. Without the disclosure of single user privacy information, FunPass has the right to conduct technical analysis of the entire user information database and make commercial use of the user database that has been analyzed and collated.

7.FunPass will take a commercially reasonable and feasible way to protect users' personal information security. FunPass Use the security technologies and programs normally available to protect the user's personal information from unauthorized access, use, or leakage. The FunPass shall not bear any responsibility for the loss of the user account or the disclosure of the user's personal information not caused by the FunPass's intentional or gross negligence.


5. Basic rights of the users

1. Users may use the products and services provided by FunPass in accordance with this Agreement and other rules published and changed by FunPass from time to time.

2. Users have the right to supervise whether the FunPass and FunPass staff provide the products and services to users during the use of the products and services provided by FunPass, and may make opinions and suggestions related to the products and services to FunPass at any time.

3. If the user does not agree to this Agreement, or has objections to the terms later modified or updated by FunPass, or is not satisfied with the products and services provided by FunPass, the user may choose to stop using FunPass's products and services at any time. If the user chooses to stop using FunPass's products and services, FunPass no longer assumes any obligations and responsibilities to the user.


6. Obligations of users

1. Based on the acceptance and use of FunPass products and services, users agree to comply with national laws and regulations, public order and good customs, social norms and various norms, including this Agreement, published or adjusted by FunPass games from time to time. In particular, users shall not conduct the following behaviors:

(1) violating the basic principles established by the Constitution;

(2) endangering state security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power or undermining national unity;

(3) harming the honor and interests of the state;

(4) inciting ethnic hatred or discrimination or destroying ethnic unity;

(5) undermining state religious policies or promoting evil cults and feudal superstitions;

(6) spreading rumors, disturbing social order or undermining social stability;

(7) spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, vulgarity, intimidation, fraud or terrorist information, or abetting crimes;

(8) insulting or defaming others or infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of others;

(9) Related to the contents that are prohibited by laws and regulations.

2. Users should not in any way attack, intrusion, crack, modify or disrupt FunPass service program or product program, should not in any way interfere or hinder (including stealing service content) other users just use FunPass services, should not use or use FunPass products or server program vulnerabilities for abnormal activities or spread the vulnerability or error.

3. Users should keep their own account number and password properly, and the consequences caused by the disclosure of the account number and password due to the user's reasons will be borne by the user himself.

4. Users shall use the products and services provided by FunPass in their personal capacity, and shall not engage in commercial or other forms of profit-making activities.

5. Users should not make, use, upload, publish or disseminate any form of AIDS or procedures that hinder the fairness of the game when using FunPass services.

6. Users shall not use in the use of FunPass Services the services or product resources related to 1,2,5 of this Article and from other individuals or organizations in violation with this Agreement or laws and regulations.

7. If the user violates this Agreement, the following measures will be taken to the user:

(1) Warning for minor violations,

(2) Temporary closure of some service functions for minor violations.

(3) According to the influence of illegal users on other users, transfer illegal users or restrict the use of a service function.

(3) Temporarily or permanently terminate the right to log in and use a product or service.

(4) Compulsory recovery of services and virtual goods through fraud, theft, etc., or from fraudulent theft.

(5) To forcibly modify the corresponding function effect of the illegal or illegal behavior involved in the user's behavior.

(6) Users with serious violations shall be banned from reregistration of products or services with the same registration information or within the IP period.

(7) Bear legal liability: if the behavior of the illegal user causes damage to others or FunPass, or violates the current law, the illegal user shall bear the corresponding civil, administrative and / or criminal liability according to law,


7. Changes in service mode and content and transfer of personal data

1. FunPass will try its best to continuously provide products and services to users, but FunPass does not exclude the possibility that FunPass may stop providing any products and services, or make any change in the service mode and content of other network services.

2. In order to increase and enrich FunPass games and other web services, games and game platforms may update and adjust their included functions from time to time. After the game and game platform are updated, all the operations, content and Settings in the game and game platform will be subject to the announcement content in the game and game platform.

3. If FunPass stops providing a product or service, or changes the manner or content of a product or service, FunPass will notify users in advance and try its best to find appropriate service providers to replace FunPass to continue providing the products and services.

4. In the case described in paragraph 3 of this article, FunPass may transfer the user's personal data (including relevant account and password information and personal information) to the continuing party or, as necessary, permanently seal the original information to promote new ways of play. The user hereby agrees that FunPass has the right to make the transfer and provision, and agrees that after FunPass completes the transfer and provision, FunPass will no longer assume any obligations and responsibilities to the user for the original information. However, FunPass does not guarantee that FunPass will be able to find the appropriate service provider or service mode to continue to provide products and services instead of FunPass, nor does it guarantee that the products and services provided by the service provider or the changed game mode can meet the requirements of users.


8. Service interruption or termination

1. FunPass shall have the right to suspend or terminate the services and other Internet services provided under this Article at any time. FunPass shall not be liable for any inconvenience and loss arising therefrom:

(1) The personal data provided by users is not true;

(2) The user breaches this Agreement.

4. In order to ensure the normal operation of the game and game platform websites and servers, FunPass needs to shut down the platform website and servers regularly or irregularly, or carry out emergency shutdown maintenance for emergencies. The user understands and agrees to the normal service interruption and suspension caused by the above circumstances, and the FunPass has the obligation to try to avoid the service interruption and limit the interruption time to the shortest time.

5. In any of the following circumstances, FunPass shall have the right to terminate or interrupt all or part of the services of the server without prior notice, and FunPass shall not be liable to the user or the third party for any inconvenience or loss caused thereby:

(1) Regular inspection or construction, update of hardware and software;

(2) The server suffers damage and fails to operate normally;

(3) Sudden failure of hardware and software equipment and electronic communication equipment;

(4) The network provider's line or other faults;

(5) in emergency in accordance with the provisions of the law or for the personal safety of users and third parties;

(6) Third-party reasons or other force majeure circumstances.


 IX. Limited guarantee and disclaimer

1. For FunPass's products and services, FunPass is only the limited warranty described in this article, which supersedes any other warranty, express or implied (if any), in any document, package, or other information.

2. FunPass Provonly provide the relevant product, software or program and any support services in the form of "existing conditions and contain all errors" and only guarantees that:

(1) The products and services provided by FunPass can basically meet the requirements of FunPass;

(2) The relevant products and services provided by FunPass are basically consistent with the service commitments officially announced by FunPass;

(3) FunPass strives to address any problems encountered by FunPass in the provision of products and services only as far as is commercially reasonable.

3. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, FunPass expressly states that any other type of warranty, whether express or implied, including, without limitation, merchantability, applicability, reliability, accuracy, completeness, virus and any implied warranty and liability.

4. Within the scope of the applicable law, FunPass does not guarantee FunPass provided products and services can meet the requirements of the user, nor guarantee the products and services will not be interrupted, and not guarantee the timeliness of products and services, safety and no interference, also do not guarantee no error, and information can be accurate, timely and smoothly transmitted.

5. The user understands and agrees that whether any information and data obtained through FunPass products and services are trusted and used depends entirely on the user himself, and the user shall bear the system damage, data loss and any other risks caused by such trust and use. FunPass There is no guarantee for any goods, shopping services, transaction process, recruitment information, especially the information sent by third parties.

6. For system failures, security vulnerabilities (Security Vulnerability), program defects (Bug), program errors, etc., FunPass has the right to restore the data to a certain date to maintain the balance of the game. The user shall not claim compensation or compensation accordingly.

7. To the maximum extent permitted by the applicable law, FunPass Irresponsible for any indirect, accidental, accidental, special, or subsequent damage (including but not limited to personal injury, privacy leakage, failure to perform any liability including good faith or reasonable care, negligence and damages resulting from any other pecuniary loss or other losses), These damages may come from: improper use of products or services by the user or others, the purchase of goods or similar services online, online transactions, illegal use of services, or changes in information transmitted by the user.

8. FunPass under this agreement involving the basic telecom operators fixed and mobile communication network failure, all kinds of technical defects, coverage limits, force majeure, computer virus, hacker attacks, user location, user shutdown, partner factors, others intentional or negligent behavior or other FunPass technology ability within the scope of service interruption, users sent data or short message content loss, scrambled, error receiving, unable to receive, delay receiving, etc., shall not be liable.

9. The user shall be liable for any consequences caused by his / her personal mistakes, errors or improper operations. FunPass shall not make any compensation or compensation.


 Ten, charges

1. The charging information of the products and services provided by FunPass as well as the relevant tariff standards, charging methods, purchase methods and other relevant tariff policies. According to the standards displayed by FunPass, FunPass will comply with the national price policies and industry standards.

2.FunPass has the right to determine the products and services provided rates and charging way (not FunPass has ownership or operating policy decision rights), FunPass may be different products and services and different stages of different rates and fees, in addition, different stages may also from time to time modify tariff policy. If users do not agree with the FunPass's tariff policy, they should immediately stop using the products and services provided to the FunPass.

4. Unless otherwise expressly stipulated by law, users shall not require FunPass to return any rates already paid to FunPass (hereinafter referred to as "Refunds"), regardless of whether such rates have been consumed. FunPass Have the right to decide whether, when, and in what way to refund the user. FunPass If the user agrees to the refund, the user shall compensate for the fees incurred by using credit cards, mobile phones and other payment channels. FunPass has the right to directly deduct the fees from the rate returned to the user. FunPass The virtual currency and virtual goods given in the process of providing products and services will not be refunded or realized.

5. For products or services that are not owned by FunPass or have the right to decide the operating tariff policy, its tariff policy is not controlled by FunPass, and FunPass is not responsible for its determination or change. These products or services provided by FunPass do not mean that FunPass recognizes its tariff policy.


 Xi. Intellectual property rights and information ownership

1. FunPass The game software (including games with client software and games without client software), other software, information, works and materials, Copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights shall be owned by FunPass or its corresponding right holders. Unless legally authorized by FunPass in writing, or otherwise specified by law, any person shall not use, copy, spread, forge, imitation, modify, adaptation, translation, assembly, reverse, publication, reverse compilation or reverse engineering, otherwise FunPass shall have the right to immediately terminate to provide users with products and services, and its intellectual property infringement liability, require users to compensate all losses of FunPass.

2. Users in the process of using products and services and stored in the FunPass server in any data information (including but not limited to the data information, account data information, role data information, grade item data information, etc., except the user's name, id number, telephone number and other personal identity data information) is part of the game or game platform, owned by FunPass and management, users under the premise of the FunPass specified way to modify, transfer and dispose by observing the rules of the game.

3. In order to ensure the accuracy and avoid disputes, the user agrees to take the data stored by the FunPass server as the judgment criterion for the relevant technical data and information involved in this Agreement. FunPass Ensure the authenticity of the data.


 Xii. Compensation for damages

In case of violation of this Agreement or applicable laws and regulations, resulting in FunPass's parent company, subsidiaries, other affiliates, affiliates, their personnel, employees, agents and all other auxiliary performance personnel being harmed or incurred any derivative expenses (including but not limited to the payment of any defense or claim action and related settlement, the User shall be liable for the related costs and payment of damages).


 Xiii. Termination of the Agreement

The Users shall comply with the provisions of this Agreement and the relevant laws and regulations. FunPass It shall have the right to judge whether the user violates this Agreement. If FunPass determines that the user violates this Agreement or any laws and regulations, FunPass shall have the right to immediately suspend or terminate the user account and delete all relevant information, files and any records from the user account, and restrict, stop or cancel the user.


 Right of amendment and interpretation

1. In order to provide timely and better products and services to users, FunPass reserves the right to modify, add and delete this Agreement at any time based on the changing consideration of FunPass itself, users and market conditions. When modifying, adding or deleting this Agreement, FunPass will announce the fact of modification, adding or deleting on the official website without giving individual notice to the user. If users do not agree with the modifications, added or deleted by FunPass, they can immediately stop using the services provided by FunPass. If the user continues to use the services provided by FunPass, it shall be deemed to agree and accept the modified, added and deleted contents of the terms of this Agreement, and shall not claim any compensation or compensation accordingly.

2. The User shall not assign its rights or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of the FunPass. FunPass Has the right to exercise its rights or perform its obligations hereunder this Agreement through FunPass subsidiaries or other affiliates.


15. Advertising and external links

1. FunPass's products and services may include people's commercial advertisements or other promotions. This content is provided by advertisers or goods / service providers, and FunPass only provides the medium for the content. The transaction of such services or goods purchased by the user through the website linked by FunPass or FunPass shall only exist between the user and the provider of such goods or services, and has nothing to do with FunPass. FunPass shall not bear any legal responsibility for the transaction between the user and the provider of such goods or services.

2. Users may link to third-party sites while using FunPass's products and services. The third party site is not controlled by FunPass, and FunPass is not responsible for the content of any third party site, any links contained in the third party site, any changes or updates to the third party site. FunPass Provide users with these links to third-party sites only for the purpose of providing convenience. These links provided by FunPass do not mean that FunPass recognizes the third-party sites, and does not mean that FunPass guarantees its authenticity, integrity, real-time, or credibility. Nor is there any employment, appointment, agency, partnership or other similar relationship between these individuals, companies or organizations and FunPass. Users need to check and comply with the relevant regulations of this third-party site.

3. The user understands and agrees that FunPass will send products and services or other related business information to the users through E-mail, text messages or other means.

4. External link port: users use FunPass products and services may appear in the process of link to the third party site, the third party site link is not controlled by FunPass, FunPass nor for any third party site content, any third party site contains any link, or any changes or updates of the third party site, the links provided by FunPass does not mean that FunPass recognized the third party site. You need to check and comply with the relevant regulations of this third-party site. If the user agrees to this agreement and successfully registered account, will be regarded as a user for better service experience and require FunPass to adjust the platform display function to make part of the third party external site links in invisible state, FunPass based on this purpose for the user to filter some external links, but the user understand can confirm due to the diversity and complexity of the link, FunPass could not all timely filtering, users should not therefore to FunPass liability or collaborative third party site direction FunPass accountability.


16. Other agreements

1. The conclusion, validity, interpretation, performance and dispute resolution of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. If any content of this Agreement is in conflict with the law, the provisions of the law shall prevail.

2. Any provision of this Agreement is invalid in part or in whole, and shall not affect the validity of any other clause.

3. Any disputes arising from this Agreement shall be settled by the user and FunPass through friendly negotiation.

4. This Agreement shall come into effect on the date of completion of the user's registration of the FunPass account. For the acquisition and use of the products and services provided by FunPass by any other means without completing the registration of the FunPass account, this Agreement shall be deemed to be signed and effective on the date of the acquisition and use of the products and services.

5. If users have any questions, comments or suggestions about this Agreement, they can log in to the customer service center of the FunPass official website or call the hotline of the customer service center or other customer service contact information for feedback.